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CareBag® Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad

CareBag® Commode Liner with Super-Absorbent Pad

Protects commodes from spills & trap odors. Maintain  the autonomy of users  & improves hygiene for caregivers and users.
CareBag® Vomit Bag with Super Absorbent Pad

CareBag® Vomit Bag with Super-Absorbent Pad

Absorbs body fluids and turns them into a gel. Traps and prevents odors.

Emergency Services

Our Products have been designed to provide hygienic solutions during emergencies when running water is not accessible.

For emergency responses, prevention and public safety; toiletry products should be used for hygiene thus providing a much safer environment for both workers and those in danger.

Accidents such as the contamination of patients, large gatherings, refugees, or a lack of running water runs the risk of a potential epidemic …

Cleanis products have been developed to provide guarenteed hygienic solutions that are efficient, fast and economical. Many emergency teams including firefighters, EMT’s and civil security (armies and NGOs) use them daily as part of their routine missions.


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