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GelMax® Super-Absorbent, Water-Soluble Single Dose Pouch

GelMax® Super-Absorbent, Water-Soluble Single Dose Sachet

Turns into gel any body fluids. Ideal for small containers (jars, urinal).

GelMax® OPE150 Absorbent Sheet


Ref. : Box of 20 - 9522214 - Size: 210x80 cm

Transfer and absorbent sheet for the operation table – Up to 1,8 l



It is mandatory that hospitals maintain a clean and dry environment to reduce the risk of contamination. The absorption of biological liquids is thus a necessary condition which becomes even more important when a patient is involved.

Operations such as transferring a patient to the operation theater must be secured since biological liquids represent a potential risk for the working environment (risk of falls, slips, dispersion of microorganisms).

GelMax OPE150 sheet is the answer for these needs: it was specifically developed for the patient transfer and the absorption of biological liquids.



  • Absorbs up to 1,8 l of biological liquid (saline equivalent 0,9%)
  • Allows a secured transfer (resistant up to 150kg)
  • Isolates the liquids and the microorganisms reliable



Ideal for

  • Emergency transports
    • Ambulance
    • Firefighters
  • Hospital
    • Ambulatory
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Surgery
    • Gynecology