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GelMax® Super Absorbent Pad

GelMax® Super Absorbent Pad

The efficiency of GelMax® Super Absorbent Powder in a pad.

GelMax® Super-Absorbent, Water-Soluble Single Dose Pouch


Ref. : Box of 100: 9578410

The gelification of biological liquids in little containers (oral, urinal containers..)



In hospitals and laboratory, fluids and liquids may be contaminated. Therefore, liquids may be hazardous to handle manually, and its transferring and disposal are calling for serious accident. Thus, this needs a safer method.

GelMax® powder is capable of absorbing and gelling liquids as urine and body fluids. Due to its super-absorbent crystals, the gelling process takes place at the first contact with the liquid by forming a compact amalgam, whilst slowing the transformation of urea into ammonia, the molecule responsible for odors. The physical isolation thus created by the gelatinous mass obtained will limit the risk of dispersion of liquid and germs.

The single dose, water-soluble pouch is used for the collection of liquids in small containers (urinal, suction bottle, bottle, kidney dish, bags, etc.). Upon contact with liquid the sachet wrapping will dissolve spontaneously to let the active ingredients of the GelMax® powder to absorb and turn liquids into a gel.


  • It may be placed in the container in advanced
  • Does not dissolve until it comes into contact with the liquid
  • Thanks to the impermeable, water-soluble envelope, it prevents direct contact between the handler and the powder
  • A single 7g sachet will turn up to 16oz or 450ml of urine into a gel



  • Hospital:
    • Operating room
    • Urology
  • Laboratory

Ideal for:

  • Hospital:
    • Operating room
    • Urology
  • Accident and Emergency
  • Laboratory
  • Emergency transportation

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