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Aqua® Shampoo waterless glove

Aqua® Shampoo waterless glove

A quick & convenient shampoo without water nor rinsing and drying
CareBag® Travel Kit with Super Absorbent Pad

Carebag® Travel Kit with Super Absorbent Pad

The smart kit for kids & adults who experience nausea or motion sickness.
CareBag® Vomit Bag with Super Absorbent Pad

CareBag® Vomit Bag with Super-Absorbent Pad

Absorbs body fluids and turns them into a gel. Traps and prevents odors.

Outdoor Activities

Cleanis offers a variety of products that promote the best hygienic practices for outdoor activities!

Also very suitable for sports; our products will provide optimum personal hygiene in all situations such as traveling or for any outdoor activity.

When there is no running water for personal hygiene, or even a lack of toilets, our products will perfectly accommodate all of your primary hygienic needs.

Adapted to all conditions, our products are also often used for camping, boating, hiking, and climbing – suitable for both individual and team activities. Numerous athletes, hikers and travelers give excellent feedbacks about our products worldwide.


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