Retirement Home

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Aqua® Shampoo waterless glove

Aqua® Shampoo waterless glove

A quick & convenient shampoo without water nor rinsing and drying
CareBag® Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad

CareBag® Commode Liner with Super-Absorbent Pad

Protects commodes from spills & trap odors. Maintain  the autonomy of users  & improves hygiene for caregivers and users.
CareBag® Male Urinal with Super Absorbent Pad

CareBag® Male Urinal Bag with Super-Absorbent Pad

Absorbs urine and turn it into a gel. Traps and prevents odors.

Retirement Home

We strive to increase the comfort and satisfaction of retirees by offering products that enhance their daily life.

In Retirement Homes, the Cleanis product ranges were distinguished several times and are recommended by major Home Care and Heath Assistance organizations.

Preferred by caregivers, Cleanis products optimize the conditions inside retirement homes and often receive countless thanks from the users of our products.

We are dedicated to contributing to the health, comfort, and dignity of the many residents and caregivers inside retirement homes.


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