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Aqua® Shampoo Gloves

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Waterless Aqua® Shampoo Gloves


Innovating to improve safety by hygiene

Since 2001, Cleanis, French laboratory, develops and manufactures a range of innovative hygiene products for healthcare professionals as well as for the general public.

  • Carebag®: Hygienic absorbent bags
  • Aqua®: No-Rinse bathing
  • Gelmax®: Absorbent systems & absorbent mats
  • Nano®: Cleaning and disinfecting gloves

These innovations for better hygiene and health were awarded numerous prizes showing a continuous commitment in the improvement of healthcare and the containment of associated costs.
Our inventions targeting patients and healthcare professionals are today appreciated by millions of satisfied customers in more than 70 countries


Cleanis is [MDEA] 2015 finalist. The Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) is the premier awards program for the medtech industry. Since its inception in 1998, the mission of the MDEAs has been to recognize significant achievements in medical product design and engineering that improve the quality of healthcare delivery and accessibility. By selecting Cleanis, the jury of doctors, engineers and designers wishes to reward the Cleanis' relentless pursuit of innovative solutions for the optimization of care requirements and cost control.
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