Decreases Exposure to Waste & Odor

Disposal of liquids can cause splashes and spills that contaminate an environment with potentially hazardous fluids.

Our super-absorbent products soak up and contain fluids to minimize mess and allow for easy disposal. Add absorbency anywhere it’s needed with these versatile products.


Simplify Fluid Disposal

GelMax® soluble absorbent pouches dissolve in seconds, releasing the innovative powder that quickly turns fluids into gel. Just drop the single-use pouch into the container – no need to pour in powder.  Clean-up is easy and quick: slide the gel into regular trash (unless infectious waste). Less mess, less time to clean up, and less chance for cross-contamination. 


Prevents Falls, Slips, and Trips

Twenty-four percent of hospital worker injuries are caused by falls, slips, and trips.1 Less fluid on the floor creates a safer working environment for your staff. Our super-absorbent floor mats quickly soak up fluids plus have an anti-slip backing to keep the mats firmly in place.

1. “Hospital Workers: An Assessment of Occupations Injuries and Illnesses.”  Monthly Labor Review. June 2017.

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