Fluid Containment

GelMax® Large Super-Absorbent Mat

Super-absorbent mat with anti-slip backing absorbs up to 1500 fl mL


Item#: 9522201
5 bags / case; 10 mats / bag

  • Absorbs up to 1500 fl mL, including blood and irrigation fluids
  • Mat size is 39.4” x 29.5”; can be cut into smaller sizes
  • Anti-slip backing material holds the mat in place and forms a barrier between the absorbed fluids and the floor
  • Reduces potential for falls, slips, and trips
  • Quick and easy clean-up and disposal; just place in the trash (unless infectious waste)

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Product specifications

Super-absorbent, anti-slip, non-sterile, single-use 39.4” x 29.5” mat. Top layer absorbs fluids while bottom layer acts both as a non-slip surface and a barrier between the fluids and the floor.

Use anywhere fluids may spill, especially in Operating Rooms, under Scrub Sinks, in Labor & Delivery, and more.

Item#: 9522201

Packaging: 5 bags / case; 10 mats / bag

Size: 39.4” x 29.5”; can be cut into smaller sizes

Weight: 6.5 oz

Top Layer: Super-absorbent mat

Bottom Layer: anti-slip backing

Disposal: Dispose in regular trash unless infectious waste. Follow facility guidelines for infectious waste.   

Expiration: 3 years; see bottom of box for date

Latex: No latex is used in the manufacture of this product

Regulatory information: FDA Class I Medical Device; 510(k) exempt