Smart OR Package

Proven reduction in surgical site infections with UVC disinfection that is custom-designed, permanently installed, always available, and provides analytics


  • Clinical studies prove UVC disinfection during orthopedic and other procedures reduces surgical site infections (SSIs)
  • Disinfection between surgical procedures and pre-set disinfection overnight (or anytime)
  • Custom designed for each Operating Room
  • Permanent fixtures are always available and positioned correctly – and require no FTEs - for quick OR turnover
  • "Smart” fixtures maintain safety via motion and infrared sensors
  • Downloadable data analytics for each procedure
  • Green - produces no ozone, waste, additional chemicals or other secondary contaminants; room is ready for use immediately
  • Made in the USA
  • Rated a “Best Infection Prevention Product” by Newsweek (in partnership with The Leapfrog Group) ; 2020 and 2021

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Product specifications

Materials and Construction

Custom-designed permanent installation which includes a combination of:

  • Ceiling fixtures in which the UVC can be used at:
    • Maximum intensity for room disinfection
    • Dimmed for use over the patient during the surgical procedure to disinfect the surgical site and reduce the potential for surgical site infections (SSIs). This procedure mode is safe for the surgical team wearing appropriate PPE


  • Additional fixtures help blanket the OR in UVC disinfection
  • Door fixtures allow staff to move in and out of the OR during procedure mode
  • Intelligent controller which communicates with all the fixtures to ensure safe dosage and maintain safety (via motion and infrared sensors)
  • “Green” lamps produce no ozone, waste, additional chemicals or other secondary contaminants


  • Uses its own password-protected network to communicate between the controller and fixtures (does not use hospital Wi-Fi)
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy programmable disinfection for off-hours
  • Easy on-demand disinfection between procedures (or anytime)


  • Automatically logs each disinfection cycle: date, time, case ID #, cycle type, UVC intensity level, fixture functionality, and system performance data
  • Downloadable to computer to track time management, productivity, disinfection cycles, etc. for each procedure and disinfection cycle

Operating Room Disinfection 

  • Maximum UVC disinfection intensity
  • Use only in unoccupied Operating Room
  • Use anytime by starting the cycle
  • Program to run a cycle at specific times (for example, daily off-hours disinfection)

Operating Room Surgical Site Disinfection

  • May be used when Operating Room is occupied
  • Surgical staff must wear PPE
  • Reduced UVC intensity over Operating Room table and patient
  • Maximum UVC disinfecting intensity throughout the remainder of the Operating Room

UL tested / listed: Fixtures meet UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards for safety

UVC lamp life: Replace only ~ every 5 years