MRS45-12 UVC Mobile Unit

Powerful, mid-sized UVC robot for room disinfection


MRS45-12 UVC Mobile Unit

  • Premium UVC robot quickly disinfects rooms using ultraviolet rays (5-10 minute disinfection cycle for C. diff in a large room)
  • Proven to inactivate viruses, bacteria, and fungi over 7 log reduction
  • Safe with automatic 360° motion and heat detectors; no pulsing lights
  • Green - produces no ozone, waste, additional chemicals or other secondary contaminants; room is ready for use immediately
  • On-board touchscreen with custom and pre-programmed cycles
  • Easy-to-use with quick set-up, pre-set dosages, intuitive controls and ease of maneuvering; minimal training required
  • Made in the USA

MRS45-12 Replacement Lamp

Item#: GML515

UVC Dosimeter Cards

Item#: UVC-DOS01

  • 25 Dosimeters per package
  • 12-Month subscription
  • When exposed to UVC, card changes color to indicate dosage
  • Instructions and microorganism doses on back card
  • Use with Cleanis® UVC products and any other 254 nm device

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Product specifications

Materials and Construction

  • Sturdy construction holds up to daily staff use
  • 360° maneuverability with rugged large-diameter wheels and casters that easily move across elevator openings
  • Lockable castors
  • Ergonomic stainless-steel handles
  • 360° highly polished aluminum reflector maximizes the intensity of the UVC lamps
  • Safety features include 360° motion and heat shut-off sensors
  • Intelligent system diagnostics alert when lamps need to be changed
  • Long-life lamps – 12,000 hours / ~ 2 years - generate no ozone or other chemicals
  • 15’ retractable cord 


  • Intuitive interface and simple cycle set-up
  • Pre-set dosages provided; dosages can also be set manually
  • 2 options for starting:
    • Outside the room with a key fob
    • Inside the room using the on-board touchscreen (30-second delay allows safe exit prior to the start of the cycle)

Roll into room, lock wheels, plug into regular socket, set the disinfection dosage and either 1) start the cycle and leave the room or 2) leave the room and use the remote control key fob to start the cycle.

When UVC cycle ends, room is immediately ready for use.

Item#: MRS45-12

Dimensions: 67”H x 26”W x 26”D

Weight: 90 Lbs

Lamps: 12 - 45” UVC lamps

UL tested / listedMeets UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards for safety