Reduce the “ick” factor and the spread of infection

Even healthcare professionals aren't immune to the unpleasantness of managing patient waste. Until now, this task leaves patients and caregivers uncomfortable, disgusted, and — even worse — vulnerable to infection.

Our containment solutions - for patient waste management and fluid management  - are proven to protect patients and caregivers as well as contain messes. The result is improved patient and staff well-being. These hospital-quality solutions are also available for use at home.


UVC Use Anywhere Disinfection is Needed

Our many UVC solutions can be used throughout the hospital to disinfect large spaces as well as small items.  Cleanis offers customizable Operating Room UVC products that provide data for analytics, your choice of mobile units to disinfect all room sizes, and upper air fixtures that remain in place for constant UVC disinfection. Cleanis even provides disinfection for small items, such as cell phones, stethoscopes, badges, and remote controls can be disinfected.

They talk about us

Marla Goulart, MSN, RN, CIC Director of Infection Control/Industrial Medicine/Central Sterile

"Cleanis products are outstanding. In our hospital, we prevent infection through the use of the ARTZ Mobile UVC unit, AUVS Boxes and the CareBag Bedpan/Commode Pail Liners. We have seen reduction in HAIs and we know these Cleanis products have contributed to that. With the introduction of the UV systems, we decreased our bed turnover from 4 hours to 1.5 which was incredibly critical and helpful during the pandemic. The Cleanis team are problem solvers. When we have a question or concern, they find a solution. They are knowledgeable, friendly, available and always follow through.’’

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